'Who Do You Think You Are!' A Ronaldo Biography Reveals the Moment Fegie Made Cristiano Cry

Published on: 14 November 2016

A biography profiling Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed the moment former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson made the forward cry.

Ferguson was famously unwilling to suffer fools during his time at United, sometimes clashing with players after games, most famously with David Beckham but also with Wayne Rooney and Roy Keane.

Ronaldo joined United as a youngster back in 2003 and has since gone on to fulfil the incredible potential he displayed during his early years, becoming one of the greatest players the game has ever seen.

However, the Portugal international wasn't exempt from a rollicking fromFergie ifthe Scot was upset with his team's performance, andthe upcomingGuillem Balaguebiography showcases a moment whenRonaldo was on the wrong end of a torrent of abuse.

In Ronaldo's first match in Portugal since his transfer, in a Champions League game against Benfica,he frequently took it on himself to influence proceedings, and put in a poor performance as United lost 1-0.

The book, as quoted byMetro, reveals Ferguson told Ronaldo:"Who do you think you are? Trying to play by yourself? You'll never be a player if you do this!

"Ronaldo began to cry.

"The other players left him be. 'He needed to learn,' said Ferdinand. 'That was a message from the team, not just from Ferguson: everyone thought he needed to learn.'

"After the telling-off and a few tears, the Portuguese's reaction was the same as always: keep working in training to improve."

Ronaldo ended up leaving United in 2009, having won the Champions League and three Premier League titles.