Why is King Faisal's double identity protest verdict against Tamale City delaying - Alhaji Grusah to GFA

Published on: 29 May 2023

Alhaji Grusah the bankroller of Ghana Premier League club King Faisal has stated that he doesn't understand why the verdict for their double identity protest against Tamale City is delaying.

Grusah added that the Ghana FA should hurry up and let the club know if they won or not so that he will know what to do.

Grusah has already hinted that if the Ghana FA doesn't do the right in their view King Faisal will use all the legal means to get justice.

King Faisal's protest is about a Tamale City player with a double identity.

"We have told GFA that we have gotten a letter from Rainbow that they don't no any player like that. Also the lies Tamale City is putting out is that they got the release letter from 2021 and when they registered him they did not see him again," He told Peace FM as monitored by Footballghana.com

"But we know his registration 2023 someone who is missing how can you register him who signed his C1 for renewal it is in their response,"

"We have given everything to the FA I spoke to the general secretary I ask him why is it delaying they should bring it if we have won the case we have won if we have lost too then we will know where to go,"