Women’s Premier League: Club Licensing Committee releases status of Technical staff of Clubs

Published on: 21 December 2021

The Club Licensing Committee of the Ghana Football Association has released the status of the Technical staff of the 18 Women’s Premier League clubs.

Clubs are to note that staff who hasn't been granted either an approval or dispensation is ineligible to sit on the bench as this is without prejudice to the registration status in the FIFA Connect System and the CMS. 

Clubs with NIL beside their staff have still not submitted to the club licensing department, the Technical Staff List and additional documents to support the list.

Clubs with No. Info beside their staff did not attach the necessary License Certificate and appointment letter to support the information.

Club whose staff have been REJECTED have submitted documents but the said officials do not have the minimum qualification or enough information on the qualification.

Find below the status of the technical team members in the attached document: