World Cup 2022: Prize money and complete earnings information for tournament

Published on: 19 November 2022

The table of financial prizes for countries competing in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been revealed by the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).

The host nation Qatar will play Ecuador two hours after the opening ceremony on Sunday to begin the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

For the tournament in 2022, FIFA has allocated a massive $440 million, of which $42 million would go to the winning team.

The remaining prize money will be distributed as follows.

The third-place team will receive $27 million, while the runner-up will receive $30 million. A fourth-place finish will net a team $25 million. Teams that place 17th through 32nd will each get $9 million, while teams that advance to the round of 16 will receive a guaranteed $13 million.

Fifth through eighth-place teams will each get $17 million. Additionally, FIFA allocated $1.5 million to each qualified side prior to the competition to aid with expenditures associated with preparation.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 opening ceremony will take place in the 60,000-capacity Al Bayt Stadium, approximately 40 kilometers north of Doha.

The stadium was officially opened on November 30, 2021, during the FIFA Arab Cup. According to the Qatar World Cup website, the architects were inspired by tents used by ancient nomads in the Middle East.

The opening ceremony was initially set for November 21, 2022, however, it was gradually pushed back to the day before.