Yunus Musah's sprint that everyone talks about and the nickname that the team has given him

Published on: 12 January 2021

With the match practically over, Valencia CF coach Javi Gracia brought out Yunus Musah and Toni Lato to refresh his teammates and benched Daniel Wass and Cheryshev. It was the 90th minute of the meeting and many things would still have to happen because the game went on until 97.

And there the imposing figure of New Yorker Musah emerged to mark one of the plays of the meeting that, unfortunately for Valencian interests, did not end in a goal, although it well deserved it.

In 94 he caught the ball from the wing in his own field, bypassed Rubén Alcaraz, who tried to knock it down without success.

Then Nacho met him, clearly trying to knock him down after the Valencian player dodged him with a self-pass. Alcaraz, who had closely followed the play, arrived again to displace him with his arm, but Yunus continued, continued and left the measured ball for Vallejo who, only before the goalkeeper, failed to beat Masip.

It would have been the best ending for a play if his name was Usain Bolt, Gareth Bale, Ronaldo, Carl Lewis, or George Weah.

This race, like the one he did to score his first official goal against Getafe, has earned Yunus a new nickname in the squad.

The player shared the images of the match on his official Instagram and Diakhaby put the noise and clouds of dust left behind by the Road Runner, the eternal victim that the Coyote never reaches.

Lato followed the joke and Correia added "fast and furious" (fast and furious). His friends from the Anglo-Saxon world were betting on Usain Bolt or Gareth Bale, who scored in the Cup at Mestalla in a similar play.